Please stay safe out there.

Watersprint kills virus in your water with UV LED.

Please stay safe out there.

Watersprint kills virus in your water with UV LED.

Watersprint kills virus.
Yes – all kinds of virus.



In the current global COVID-19 situation, it is ever more important to be protected from virus in water and showers.

Watersprint develops and manufactures products and applications for UV LED water purification. These are based on an invention which was recognized in the Nobel Prize for physics in 2014.

It is equally crucial to minimise the risk from secondary sources of infection. Waterborne virus can significantly lower immunological defence, increasing the risk of getting sick from new viral infections such as COVID-19.  

And looking at it from another perspective, viral and epidemiological expert’s say that a majority of the population will probably end up with COVID-19, which will also add to our vulnerability from other infections. In both cases the ready availability of viral and bacteria free water will be of great help. 

Watersprint’s purifiers are energy efficient as well as smart, which makes them an ideal part of our client’s applications and systems. UVC LED brings microbial security in ways that were hitherto not possible because of the inherent limitations of older mercury based techniques.      

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A close partnership between FM Mattsson Mora Group and Watersprint has resulted in a unique shower panel that effectively defeats Legionella bacteria. 

The panel combines FM Mattsson’s latest sensor driven mixer technology and Watersprint’s UV LED unit to minimize Legionella exposure.

Legionnaires’ disease is well documented as causing illness of varying degrees of severity. The over 50’s are especially at risk accounting for up to 80% of known cases. Risk is also high for smokers or those of generally poor health.

These shower panels are currently the most effective way to reduce Legionella bacteria, thus greatly reducing risk of disease.


This is Watersprint!

Watersprint cleans water without using chemicals

Inhouse Competence

Watersprint are specialists in microbiology and water management. We are experts in disinfection, maximizing reduction of bacteria, protozoa, virus, cysts and other living microorganisms in our products.


At Watersprint we manufacture and distribute our own products. In addition, we integrate our patented technology into other client’s customized applications and systems to meet water disinfection needs.

Our Vision

At Watersprint we have a passion for making a real difference for the health of people while reducing the strain on our planet: “To offer all people on this planet safe water in a sustainable way”. 

Curious about how UV disinfects water? You’ll love this video!


Reasons why you should integrate LED disinfection technology into your applications:


Perfect form factor

The main advantage of water disinfection based on UV LEDs is its ability to be used in applications where traditional UV lamps can’t be installed.

Self cleaning features

LED solutions can be programmed to disinfect at desired intervals ensuring standing water is always safe to use.

Safe & convenient

UV disinfection & LED lights need significantly less maintenance and is a robust, safe solution.

Low power consumption

Low power consumption makes innovative combinations possible, including solar driven and/or off grid solutions.

Intelligent monitoring

If there is something wrong with the system, our unit will let you know  improving your own applications.

Eco friendly solutions

Besides not using mercury or other chemicals, we help reduce the need of use of plastic water bottles.

Flow activated sensor

Our LED:s are active only when flow is present, assisting your system with intelligence if needed.

Added security

With increased awareness and need for bacterial protection, our technology adds microbial security to your solution.

Proven technology

UV is s well documented  technology accepted by EPA and FDA and recently NSF/ANSI 55 Standard.

To our Partners:
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our goal of a world with sustainably clean water.




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