Dedicated to disinfecting
water in a sustainable way

Watersprint was founded in 2013 in Lund, Sweden, on the belief that everyone should have access to safe water. All of us at Watersprint are dedicated to disinfecting water in a sustainable way. We simply want to make a positive impact on the global supply of safe water.

Point of Entry

– Our latest innovation.

Purify’OE is our new product family that will revolutionize the whole house water treatment industry for UV-disinfection. It is designed with high quality and performance in mind, for your safety.

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Point of Use

Purify’OU Solo 120

P’OU Solo 120 is the top quality solution for point of dispense UV-disinfection for higher flow-rates.

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Point of Use

Purify Solo 40

P’OU Solo is designed with high quality, versatility, small footprint and cost efficiency in mind.

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Intelligent water


Small, yet powerful.

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Frequently asked questions

We work in a progressive technology field where things change day by day. We have gathered some information on safe water we hope might interest you.

”By offering safe and sustainable water disinfection using UVC LED, we can change the game of water purification, making a difference to mankind. In doing this, we must stay true to ourselves and our core values; to keep promises, add value through innovation, make our customers better, and finally to keep in mind that what we do is a team effort. It’s as easy as that – we can, must and will think and act to make a difference!”

André Carlsson, CEO at Watersprint

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