Misting Systems

Avoid spreading viruses and bacteria via aerosols.

Misting Systems

1) Problem Statement:

The most known bacteria in connection with aerosols and adiabatic cooling is Legionella pneumophila. Legionella has been identified as a public health concern for produce (maintains freshness) and patio misting (outdoor cooling). Most misting systems utilize extensive distribution systems which are often stagnant leading to bacterial growth.

2) UVC LED Benefits:

  • Reduction in maintenance – requires virtually no maintenance (e.g. lamp changes & cleaning) and integration will reduce overall cleaning required.
  • Chemical free – eliminates any chemical residual. Especially important for organic produce where a chemical residual may impact the produce’s organic certification.
  • Mercury free solution – enabling safe integration without fear of mercury contamination associated with conventional UV lamps.

3) Watersprint solution

We offer safe and sustainable high quality water disinfection solutions. The unique combination of components, materials, hardware architecture, mechanics, intelligent software and optics is our key success factor. The combination enables exceptional elimination of bacteria such as Legionella, but also viruses, spores and protozoa.