Emergency Response

When there is no time to waste.

Emergency Response

1) Problem Statement:

Primary and secondary disinfection under very challenging space, weight, and durability constraints. Must be extremely reliable.

2) UVC LED Benefits:

  • Lightweight – very important for emergency response where systems are being transported by air and truck.
  • Compact footprint – Small footprint allows for integration into small modules and skids that can be easily transported.
  • Durable – UVC LEDs much better suited for challenging conditions faced in an emergency situation, such as vibration and challenging environmental conditions.
  • Low power draw – UVC LEDs much better suited for temporary power set ups involving generators. Off grid applications.

3) Watersprint solution

We offer safe and sustainable high quality water disinfection solutions. The unique combination of components, materials, hardware architecture, mechanics, intelligent software and optics is our key success factor. The combination enables exceptional elimination of bacteria such as Legionella, but also viruses, spores and protozoa.