Next-Generation Water Disinfection Purifiers 

Our products disinfect bacteria and virus from water, providing safe water in a sustainable way for everyone.

7 most important product benefits:

  • Sustainable – low energy consumption and exchangeable optics to mitigate scaling.
  • Flexible – suitable for many different applications.
  • Reliable – little or no maintenance.
  • Easy installation – plug-and-play.
  • High-end quality – Made in Sweden.
  • Self-cleaning – can be programmed to disinfect at intervals.
  • Cost-efficient – low life-cycle cost.
Purify Solo FS

Purify Solo FS

Purify Solo FS is a retrofit solution that enables use of our Purify Solo as a stand-alone product.

There are three models within the Purify Solo FS series: Solo 10 FS, Solo 20 FS and Solo 40 FS.

Purify Solo

Purify Solo is designed with high quality, versatility, small footprint and cost efficiency in mind.

Purify Solo
Purify Mini

Purify Mini

Purify Mini is a low flow disinfection product line, targeted to be integrated in e.g., drinking water products or as an addition to a filter. Thanks to its compact design, it can be fitted almost everywhere.

Available in two reactor sizes; 60 and 160 mm.