Purify Mini

Purify Mini is a low flow disinfection product line, targeted to be integrated in e.g., drinking water products or as an addition to a filter. Thanks to its compact design, it can be fitted almost anywhere.

The unit is openable so that parts in contact with water can be replaced when needed. This extends product lifetime and is a natural step to more sustainable products. 

Parts in contact with water are subject to scaling and fouling, which is why at some point they need to be replaced to ensure optimal performance. 

A status signal will let you know when it’s time to change the optical system. Maintenance kit can be purchased separately. 

Choose between optional integrated water flow sensor or activation via an external signal. 

Purify Mini can collect a set of data e.g., hours of use, time active, and present the information via an interface to your device/system. 

Available in two reactor sizes: 
60 mm 
160 mm 

Can be specified with several types of fittings.

Purify Mini

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