Comes natural

Acting responsibly to Mother Earths limited resources is a hygiene factor to us. One of the major concerns of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is how to raise awareness of, and handle the approaching global fresh water shortfall . We humbly contribute in this by providing solutions for safe water.

Major sustainable benefits of our solutions to provide safe water:

  • Eco friendly – we do not use mercury or other toxic chemical elements in our solutions.
  • Low power consumption – LED and our patented reactor design enables solar driven and/or off grid solutions.
  • Replaceable parts – parts can be exchanged for extended life span.
  • Recyclable – materials are chosen to allow for recycling and/or re-use.

Approved not only by us

Great IWW test results. Extensive long-term testing of our solution has been undertaken with great results by the well known independent IWW Water Centre testing institute in Germany.