UVC LED – a proven technology in a reinvented shape

Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation transmitted in waves or particles at different wavelengths and frequencies. UVC light (wavelength 200-280 nm) is used for disinfection as it deactivates DNA and RNA of all bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. This deactivation inhibits the microorganism’s ability to multiply.

  • Since the 1930s and until now, UV germicidal lamps using mercury have been the standard sterilizing agent in hospitals and industries concerned with microbiological contamination.
  • UVC LED is the future in the area of safe water. Mercury is becoming obsolete and even banned. Today UVC LED generates germicidal light without the use of mercury.
  • Hiroshi Amano, the inventor of efficient blue light-emitting diodes enabling bright and energy-saving white light sources, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014. These diodes are part of the UVC LED game changing technology used in water purification by Watersprint, together with a patented reactor design and unique ways of controlling water flow.

UVC LED compared to other water purifying technologies.

UVC LED is the most sustainable way of disinfecting viruses and bacteria from water. Large flows of water used to be a limitation. Thanks to rapid technical progress, powerful UVC LED Point of Entry solutions are within reach.

Cutting edge research

We aim at changing the game of water purification and act accordingly. That’s why we undertake continuous research to ensure maximum efficiency in our products and applications. Research includes optimizing water flow, light reflection in reactor, geometry of reactor, LED control, flexible emission patterns, and wavelength.

Our research aim at maximizing inactivation of DNA/RNA, and thereby ensure safe water. The unique combination of components, materials, hardware architecture, mechanics, intelligent software and optics is our key success factor. The combination enables exceptional elimination of bacteria such as Legionella, but also viruses, spores and protozoa.

Building on general UVC LED advantages.

We are proud of our innovative contribution to water purification. Our cutting edge game changing solutions are built on the foundation of the remarkable UVC LED technology, offering several advantages compared to traditional amercury gas-discharge lamps:

  • Energy efficient and sustainable.
  • Free from mercury and other toxic chemical elements.
  • Unlimited cycling and no undesireable warm-up of water.
  • Instant on/off power output
  • Allows for compact design.