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+150 years of learning.

Watersprint was founded in 2013 in Lund, Sweden, on the belief that everyone should have access to safe water.

Founders where Dr Kenneth M Persson, Professor in water resources engineering, Mr Ola Hansson, MSc, Dr Lars Montelius, Professor in nanotechnology and Tord Wingren, tech innovator. Together with present staff we gather more than 150 years of combined experience in key areas including water, healthcare, microbiology, nanotechnology and IT/telecom.

All of us at Watersprint are dedicated to disinfecting water in a sustainable way. We simply want to make a positive impact on the global supply of safe water.

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Who are we?
A dedicated team

  • André Carlsson, MScME, BScBA
  • CEO
  • André has more than a decades experience from management and business development roles within water, energy, cleantech and general industry.
  • Linda Kokkola, MScEE
  • Production Manager
  • Linda has more than three decades of experience within the tech industry, mainly working with R&D, test, standardization, product and project management in Sweden and more than a decade abroad.
  • Henrik Thuresson, BScBA
  • Business Development Manager
    +46 46 37 800 99
  • Henrik has a very strong track record from business development and sales, mostly within industrial automation industry and electronics. He believes in building long lasting relationships.
  • Sebastian Ekholm, BScME
  • Product Manager
  • Sebastian has more than a decade of experience from international sourcing, business strategy, business analysis, product development and product testing.
  • Cecilia Borg BScPD
  • Purchasing Manager
  • B.Sc. Engineer with experience from Strategic Purchasing and Project Management in an international environment.
  • Krister Uvnäs, BScME
  • CTO
  • Krister has more than three decades of experience within product development in several areas. The role has been to drive innovative and simplified solutions with focus on next generation products.
  • Johan Jibert, MScME
  • Product Development Manager
  • Johan is a loyal problem solver, with a dedicated interest for Product management & Agile product development, with a holistic strategic thinking and a commercial awareness who thinks everything is improvable.
  • Mathias Lindqvist, BScCS
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Mathias has almost two decades of wide experience within computer science including software development, data management, test and sales support.
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  • David Folkesson
  • CFO
  • Catherine J. Paul, PhD
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University
  • Catherine has more than two decades of experience in molecular biology of bacteria and is affiliated with Watersprint to provide expert analysis and opinion regarding bacteria in water.
  • Torbjörn Sandberg
  • Development Engineer
  • Very skilled development engineer with 35 years+ of experience from multinational companies.
  • Björn Cederberg M.D.
  • Microbiologist
  • Björn is a Doctor of Medicine and part of our microbiology lab test team.
  • Melker
  • Microbiologist
  • Kristian Waldeck, M.S.c, Ph.D.
  • Project Manager
  • Kristian has has worked with everything from academic medical research to various cross functional leadership roles within the global life science industry. Throughout this journey he has had the opportunity to gain firsthand insight what it takes to develop and implement new products and care processes in a variety of medical applications that can truly contribute to improved outcomes and value-based products.
  • Gabriella Larsson
  • CMO
  • Gabriella is a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer with a wealth of experience spanning various industries and international markets. With a proven track record of successful marketing strategies and leadership, she brings a global perspective and a depth of knowledge to her role. Gabriella’s expertise and innovative approach make her a valuable asset in driving business growth and brand excellence.

Our home – The Spark in Medicon Village

Our HQ is located in “The Spark”, an ultramodern office building in the heart of Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden.  Medicon Village has become a world leading life science and cleantech cluster, within walking distance of Ideon Science Park, Lund Technical University and the internationally renowned sites ESS, a multi-disciplinary research facility based on the world’s most powerful neutron source, and Swedish national laboratory MaxIV.