Water Dispensers

Enjoy safe and fresh water – no need for plastic bottles.

Water Dispensers

1) Problem Statement:

Microbial contamination (primarily bacteria, plumbing pathogens) of already treated water. The unit is performing as secondary disinfection, depending on where in the world it is installed. In some cases, UVC LEDs are also being used to deal with surface contamination of water outlet and aerator.

2) UVC LED Benefits:

  • Compact footprint – enabling integration directly in the water dispenser.
  • Low power draw – allowing for easy integration into the water dispenser power footprint. On-demand operation of UVC LED system further reduces power requirements.
  • No heating of water – UVC LEDs will not heat the water, this ensures ice-cold fresh water and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction in fouling and scaling – Cooler water temperatures reduce the risk of fouling & scaling of the UVC LED surface.
  • Reduction in maintenance – Requires virtually no maintenance (e.g. lamp changes, cleaning).
  • Surface disinfection – Some implementations disinfect at the dispense point itself or aerator—protecting surfaces from hand touching or other contact that might carry bacteria and viruses.

3) Watersprint solution

We offer safe and sustainable high quality water disinfection solutions. The unique combination of components, materials, hardware architecture, mechanics, intelligent software and optics is our key success factor. The combination enables exceptional elimination of bacteria such as Legionella, but also viruses, spores and protozoa.