Sit back and enjoy a fresh glass of pure water.


1) Problem Statement:

Microbial contamination due to water sitting in a holding tank. Water drawn from multiple locations where safety of source water may be questionable.

2) UVC LED Benefits:

  • Low power consumption – even more enhanced with a flow meter enabling on demand operation (unique to UVC LEDs compared to conventional UV) – conserves battery power and fits within existing power footprint of vessel.
  • Compact footprint – enabling easy integration within limited space in the vessel.
  • Durable – UVC LEDs much better suited for challenging conditions faced in the rail environment compared to conventional mercury lamp-based systems. Pitching of the vessel may break conventional UV lamps or reduce the lifetime.
  • Chemical-free – Most railers try to avoid chemicals if at all possible, for environmental and safety reasons.

3) Watersprint solution

We offer safe and sustainable high quality water disinfection solutions. The unique combination of components, materials, hardware architecture, mechanics, intelligent software and optics is our key success factor. The combination enables exceptional elimination of bacteria such as Legionella, but also viruses, spores and protozoa.