Purify Flex series  


Watersprint Flex series was launched in 2014 and was among the very first UVC LED products available.
Today, our second generation handles flows of water up to 20 l/min, ensuring clean and safe drinking water straight out of the tap or Legionella safe showers.

Flex comes in three models:  




1. Purify Flex is the standard model and is normally used for disinfection of drinking water or as Legionella protection in showers.   

2. Flex Plus is equipped with 50% more LED and has higher kill rate. This is ideal when water is known to be challenged with higher concentrations of bacteria and extra security is needed.

3. Flex Advanced is our most powerful model with highest kill rate and is used where contamination is severe or where disinfection is critical such as in hospitals or catastrophies.  

Easy Installation
Watersprint’s units are installed as close to point of use as possible – usually under the sink – in order to minimize risk of contamination from pipes inside/outside the premises.

Please download technical datasheets, installation manuals or other UV-LED related information at “Downloads” page    

We continuously perform microbial tests in our lab and in cooperation with Lund University’s classified facilities. All results are verified by third party Swedish government test sites such as VaSyd and Synlab.    


Purify Mini



Please welcome Watersprint’s newest family member The Purify Mini UV disinfection unit.  

This tiny but powerful disinfector is our most compact product.
But don’t be fooled by its size. The Purify Mini is a highly intelligent unit designed for flow rates up to 5 l/min.

Purify Mini’s patented design is extremely efficient which means we further lower the pricepoint for affordable disinfection.  

The Purify Mini is the ideal companion for many applications due to its high kill rate, long lifecycle and small physical size.    

The Purify Mini is a great choice for integration in other systems where design and space are important aspects as well as keeping bacterial concentrations in check.

The Purify Mini comes with an intelligent flow sensor. It saves energy, and increases lifetime by many years. 






Legionella Protection   



FM Mattsson Mora Group and Watersprint have created a unique shower panel integrating different technologies including Watersprint’s integrated UV unit. 

FM Matsson’s mixer is a state of the art sensor driven unit. It is an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled mixer that auto-flushes at specified intervals.
This function does not eliminate Legionella by itself, but keeps bacterial concentrations at treatable cfu levels.  

Watersprint’s integrated UV unit is placed close to the shower head, and actively disinfect Legionella bacteria before point of exit.
As a consequence, the Legionella concentration you risk breathing in from shower mist is reduced and thus poses a significantly reduced threat to your health.

This uniqe panel is produced and sold exclusively by FM Mattsson.
Please contact: salessupport@fmm-mora.com


Water Disinfection Applications 

Watersprint. Your collaborative partner in disinfection


Watersprint is the leader in microbiological reduction performance. We assist our partners adding new innovative functions giving a technological edge to existing applications and opening up the potential for exciting new ones.

Watersprint’s units provide microbial protection to replace existing mercury lamps or can be integrated into different applications in following areas:
Residential – showers, taps, faucets, wells, RO/filter control
Commercial – watercoolers (mains), ice makers, fitness centres
Healthcare – hospitals, clinics, “safe water points”
Public Institutions – schools, gyms, sportsarenas, elderly homes
Transportation –  RVs such as campers, trailers & motorhomes
Marine – cruise ships, boats, ballast water
Industrial – integrated applications, replacement of Hg
Life Sciences – medical devices, dialysis water, clinics and where demand for microbially clean water is crucial
Emergency – drinking water applications in locations that demand robust sometimes off grid solutions, aid applications

Watersprint is your collaborative partner in:     

  • Microbial testing & validation of your existing products
  • Constructing optimal UVC LED solutions depending on
    flow rates, needed Log-reduction and desired lifetime
  • Assist with design- and microbial system needs for existing, new, or retrofit product integration 

Our trusted partners